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1920 - 1959

Palm Springs established as a popular Hollywood destination

Palm Springs Incorporates
Chi-Chi Club in operation with Irwin Schuman as owner

Military Presence Patton’s Tank Brigade

Eisenhower visits for first time

Irwin Schuman, owner of the Chi Chi Club, purchases land for the Riviera and develops plans for the hotel

Eisenhower era ends and Kennedy era begins, "New Frontier" theme / “Futurism" over conservative 50’s values becomes a theme nationwide as even Disneyland intro's their first working Monorail system in the US in the re-themed Tomorrowland

Riviera Opens for business and is an instant hit with the business elite. It was the only hotel in the United States at the time to be built in a spoke wheel shape, a unique shape which would fit into the psychedelic culture of the 60’s because of its communal shape

1960 - 1999

Popular 60’s Palm Springs vacation spot

Riviera was a hotbed for swinging '60s culture (propelled by the advent of the birth control pill and a departure from conservative values). The communal style of the property was synonymous with the ‘60s values.

Staple Hang Out for the “Rat Pack”

Elvis Presley visits the property with his band

The hotel was featured in the 1963 film “Palm Springs Weekend” where actress Connie Stevens had her rendezvous lunch by the pool with actor Robert Conrad

Mediterranean Room is “the” place for the Palm Springs Elite

Desi Arnaz orchestra performs in the mid-60’s

Sex symbol of the decade Raquel Welch performed in with Bob Hope in the late-60’s

Other classic Big Band era bands who performed include Vido Musso Big Band, Stan Kenton orchestra, Tommy Dorsey and Count Basie Big Bands among others Trini Lopez, a longtime PS resident, performed hits like "Lemon Tree" and "If I Had A Hammer" in 1968

The Grand Ballroom held numerous concerts including the Teen Concert in the late-60’s featuring The Association and The Turtles as a promotion for the then Top 40 station KDES

Sonny and Cher frequented the hotel at the height of their career as a duo

Sonny, with a soft spot for the Riviera, would later kick off his tennis tournament and open his famed restaurant on the property

Nancy Sinatra stayed at the Riviera while filming the motorcycle movie, "The Wild Angels" in 1966

Most notable pool in Palm Springs throughout this era

The 60’s give way to a more mellow 70’s culture as the Riviera becomes more of a family hotel in keeping with the theme of that generation Sinatra hosts several “Love Ins” in 78’ and 80’ - fundraisers that had Frank donning an apron and cooking pasta sauce in the Riviera kitchen

Sonny Bono Host’s Celebrity Tennis Tournament in 1988

Singer Jim Messina, of Loggins and Messina, performed at the event

Opening of Bono’s in the late 80’s, Sonny Bono’s Italian restaurant

An additional location also opened on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles based on the success of the hotel location

Sinatra performed in the Grand Ballroom 88’ as he opened the show with Come Rain or Come Shine

First Gala for the Frank Sinatra Charity Event Fundraiser for the Desert Hospital (now Palm Springs Regional Medical Center on Indian Canyon)—supporting players in the show included Vic Damone, Buddy Greco, and Diahann Carroll

Schuman passes in 1983 having worked inside his glass office at Riviera from the time the hotel opened in 1959 right up until his death

Riviera Hosts R&B New Years eve in the Grand Ballroom with Beyonce, Jay-Z & Ice T in the late 90’s

2000 to Present

2000 to Present
The Riviera is featured on The Palm Springs Historical Tour due to its unique design and historical value

Grand Re-Opening in September with screening of "Palm Springs Weekend” (1963) tribute movie with many of the Stars of the movie there in attendance—Connie Stevens was one of them and she gave a speech to the crowd of over 1000 people about all her fun days at the Riviera in the 1960's and beyond

Noble House Hotels & Resorts purchases The Riviera Palm Springs from The Carpenter’s Union (previous owners included Hilton and Radisson over the years)

Fall 2008 Unveil
The New Riviera brings back the glamour and excitement of the halcyon days of the 60’s